World’s Richest Dog Celebrities

Dogs are known as man’s best friends because they are the most loyal creatures you’ll ever know.

All dog owners take utmost care of their canine friends as a reward for enriching their lives. Some owners breathe their last before their best friend does. To ensure that their pets are provided with the best possible care, they pass their wealth to their four-legged friends. These lucky dogs are wealthier than most humans can ever be.

The richest dog celebrities in the world are:


Net worth: $8 million

Irene Ahn is a Finance Lead at Facebook. And she owns an adorable Pomeranian named Boo. Boo is labeled the world’s cutest dog. And for good reason. Boo gained popularity when Kesha referred to him in a tweet as her “new boyfriend.” This made Boo very popular, and in no time, Boo got 5 million Facebook followers. And soon enough, Chronicle Books approached Irene to publish a picture book. Boo: The world’s cutest dog and Boo: Little Dog in the Big City were two books that paved the way for Boo to make a fortune. Irene built a merchandising brand based on Boo. This brand helped Boo amass his wealth.


Net worth: $8.4 million

Gail Posner was the daughter of famed businessman Victor Posner. He was one of the highest-earning business executives of his time. Being an heiress and a doting dog mom, she used to shop for Tiffany’s necklaces and cashmere sweaters for her chihuahua. She made sure her dog would get the best possible care by leaving her beach-facing home worth $8.4 million and a trust fund of $3million to Conchita in case anything happened to her. And when Gail died in 2010, Conchita inherited the fortune as per the will. No wonder Conchita is also referred to as “the Queen of Miami.”

Oprah Winfrey’s dogs — Lauren, Luke, Layla, Sadie, and Sunny

Net worth: $30 million

We all know Oprah as a successful businesswoman, talented actress, and extraordinary television host. But most of us weren’t aware that Oprah is also an avid animal rescuer and a dedicated dog mom. She has owned more than 20 dogs so far. The most famous among them were golden retrievers, Layla and Luke. However, they all are no longer with us anymore. Now Oprah cares for three pet dogs, springer spaniels Lauren and Sunny, and cocker spaniel Sadie. Oprah rescued Sadie from the Chicago-based no-kill shelter named PAWS in 2009. Then she adopted Lauren and Sunny She the following year on her birthday. Despite having a net worth of $2.8 billion, she still chose rescues over designer dogs. By setting such an example, Oprah earned even more love from the dog parent community. We can only hope that more people follow her lead. Oprah trains all her dogs personally. These three could receive an impressive sum of $30 million in their trust fund when Oprah leaves for her heavenly abode.

Gunther IV

Net worth: $400 million

Gunther IV is the world’s wealthiest dog. And by some distance. Most dogs on this list have inherited their wealth from their owners. But Gunther IV has inherited his fortune from his father, Gunther III. Karlotta Leibenstein was a German countess who had amassed a great fortune. Gunther III inherited her wealth of $106 million when she passed away in 1991. And when Gunther III passed away, Gunther IV inherited all his wealth. Trustees invested this money in the right places to increase the value of this fortune to almost $400 million. Gunther IV lives in Miami in a villa believed to be purchased from Madonna for $7.5 million. He eats caviar every day, has a personal maid, and owns mansions in various parts of the world.



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